Snatched – Blu-ray/DVD Combo Edition

snatchedSo what is the worst thing you can say about a comedy? That it is not funny, of course. That is the most important thing I can say about this film. Which is too bad for several reasons. One is that it is a comedy starring women and we know all the issues about that. Amy Schumer was having a good run and this is the end of that run. And it is the return to the big screen of Goldie Hawn (who doesn’t love Goldie?), who has been gone since 2002’s The Banger Sisters, and the material is not up to what she is capable of. There are some laughs to be had here, but nowhere near what is required to classify a comedy as a success.

It is too bad that the film is a flop as Schumer and Hawn have some great chemistry. The material is up to it though. Neither of the characters is well written or relatable. Most of the film is filled with a brand of humour whose largest goal seems to be to imitate the worst type of behaviour typically associated with men. That is most certainly not the way to advance women in comedy. Vagina jokes get as tiresome as quickly as penis jokes do. This is a trap that Amy Schumer seems to have fallen into. At the beginning of her career she was edgy and different. Now she is just recycling the same stuff over and over. Doing one crass joke after another. It gets boring. Actually, it HAS gotten boring.

The humour here is strained and rather pathetic.There is precious little script and the humour is just stuck in the middle in the hopes of filling in the gaps. Predictable, forced and recycled are words that accurately describe the humour (or attempts at it) in Snatched. And I don’t think I am being overly harsh. I did laugh a couple of times but the parts that were funny were rather random and had nothing to do with the story.

As for the story, it is about a 30-something loser who has no career or direction in life and has just been dumped by her boyfriend (Randall Park – from television’s Fresh Off the Boat). So Emily (Amy Schumer – from television’s Inside Amy Schumer) heads to her mother’s (Goldie Hawn – The First Wive’s Club, Private Benjamin) to recover and figure out who she is bringing on an uncancelable trip to Ecuador. Being the person she is no one wants to go with Emily, so she ends up taking her mom, Linda, who is very unsure about the whole thing.

While there Emily meets a guy (Tom Bateman), who she is really attracted to. One thing leads to her another and she and Linda end up kidnapped and being held for ransom by a particularly unpleasant guy (Oscar Jaenada (Pirates of the Caribbean, The Shallows). Since the American government does not seem very helpful it is up to two ladies, Ruth (Wanda Sykes – Rio, Monster-in-Law) and Barb (Joan Cusack – Working Girl, Say Anything), and her agoraphobic brother, Jeffrey (Ike Barinholtz – Suicide Squad, Bad Neighbors), to save them.

I still hold out hope that Hollywood can do better. And know that women can.

Special Features:

  • Deleted Scenes
    • Emily Calling Friends
    • In the Jeep with James
    • Secret Beach
    • Escape Attempt
    • Calling Dad
    • Expired Passport
    • Strip Poker
    • Anaconda
    • Morgado’s Drum
    • Hotel Lobby
  • Extended and Alternate Scenes
    • Store
    • Break Up
    • Dinner
    • Taxi
    • Cantina
  • Gag Reel
  • Director Commentary by Jonathan Levine
  • Digital Copy

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