summer heart followIt’s not so often that a band’s name truly reflects their sound, but when it comes to Swedish solo pop act Summer Heart (David Alexander), you can expect just that; hazy, sun- bleached tracks that are the perfect anthem to remembering hot July nights filled with skinny dipping and sleeping in.

Following the release of countless EPs and singles, including the most recent release, 2016’s Colours EP, Alexander wrote a lot of music, including two full-length albums that he eventually decided not to release. Now, he is set to release second full length 101 in August 2017, a piece of work that is decidedly, uniquely, confidently Summer Heart. Recorded in Malmo and Stockholm, Sweden early 2017, the record was inspired by Alexander’s time in NYC, discovering the city and observing the city’s residents.

The track premiered on The 405, describing the new single ‘Follow’, David says: “To follow your dreams you must figure out what they are,” Alexander says of the tune. “‘Follow’ is about that moment when you think you have it all figured out, only to realise you’re not one bit wiser. Those things you do which you imagine will change everything…when all is said and done, afterwards you feel exactly the same.”

Talking about 101 David says “The record can be seen as a ten track love story, with ups and downs and all the in-betweens… never being satisfied, always wanting more, grass is greener on the other side.” Alexander says. With inspirations being taken from more than just music (think style, photography, literature, nature,), 101 feels a lot like the soundtrack to a home video from a long ago roadtrip or a summer barbecue with friends. While you might get the dream pop vibe, (akin to bands like Washed Out, Blood Orange, and Toro y Moi), Alexander’s sound is familiar yet all his own.

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