18th Edition of Mutek

mutek 2017 preview2Another annual festival which is helping to mark the 375th birthday of Montreal, Mutek has reached drinking age as it is the 18th annual this year. The festival has celebrated the digital medium along with electronic music for that many years building up its reputation making it one of the best in the world. This year in celebration of the international nature of the festival the cities of London, Berlin, Barcelona, and Mexico City will be feted. The musical links between us and these metropolitan powers will grow only stronger as a result.

Live music is meshed with visual arts to create events that will engage several of your senses. Well-known musicians from the electronic music world will be in attendance. A few include Bambooman (UK), Deathprod (Norway), Detroit Swindle (Netherlands), Driftmachine (Germany), EvilTapes (Mexico), Imaginary Landscape (Canada), Kuniyuki (Japan), and Seth Troxler (United States). As you can see it is a real international festival. Music from around the world can be sampled.

Besides the music there will also be conferences, workshops and exhibitions.

Additional Information:

-Dates:  August 22-27, 2017

-Venues:  Monument National, Quartier des Spectacles, SAT (Society for Arts and Technology), Metropolis, Esplanades de la Place des Arts

-Website:  www.mutek.org

-Ticket Purchase:  www.mutek.org

-Ticket Prices:


Type d’admission Prix
PASSPORT | $300 CAD $287.50
PASSPORT / GROUP 15 % (5 or more) | $255 CAD $243.64
PASSPORT / STUDENT 15 % | $255 CAD $243.64
PASSPORT LIGHT | $250 CAD $238.77
WEEKEND PASS | $185 CAD $176.40
WEEKEND PASS / GROUP 15 % (5 and more) | $157,25 CAD $149.35
WEEKEND PASS / STUDENT 15 % | $157,25 CAD $149.35

Individual Tickets: $20.00, $27.00, $30.00, $35.00, $40.00 (plus handling charges)



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