Of the many films that have been made based on Stephen King novels, this is one of the few he adapted for the big screen himself. The story centers on a couple who move to the peaceful country side of Maine to provide their two young children with a safe upbringing. Quickly, Louis (Dale Midkiff – Love Potion No.9) and Rachel (Denise Crosby – Star Trek: the Next Generation) settle into their beautiful new home. When their daughter’s cat escapes, their new neighbour Jud (Fred Gwynne – My Cousin Vinny) returns him safe and sound but with a heavy warning; the trucks that speed along the main road have claimed the life of many a beloved pet.

pet semataryAs the family settles in, they discover a pet cemetery nearby. Jud explains its history to the family, choosing to omit certain ominous details. When tragedy strikes the Creed family, details of the true nature of the pet cemetery emerge and change their lives forever.

A classic in the Stephen King film library. We can credit this film with bringing us the Ramones single “Pet Sematary” and possibly causing the misspelling of the word “cemetery” for years afterwards. This film is still more likely to scare ten year olds than the intended 18+ audience, but it seems to be firmly planted in the nostalgia of a generation of moviegoers.

Special Features:

-Stephen King Territory
-The Characters
-Filming the Horror

-Audio Commentary