murdoch mysteries season 10A little bit of everything is what this Canadian television series has to offer to you. Mystery (pretty obvious due to the series title), romance, comedy and action. Definitely the type of series that both you and your partner can sit down and watch together. On top of that the characters all interact well, have developed over the seasons and are suitably cast.

We are at the dawn of the 20th century and follow Toronto’s Detective William Murdoch (played by Yannick Bisson) as he tries to crack some of the hardest cases in the city. To do so he uses his own sharp intelligence and some science. While dealing with usual crimes and murders, Murdoch and his cohorts also face up against some old enemies.

Season 10 sees Dr. Julia Ogden (played by Helene Joy) dealing with the aftermath of her near death experience. Constable Crabtree (played by Jonny Harris) have some relationship problems. His love of soccer has Inspector Brackenreid’s (played by Thomas Craig) attention scattered. The morgue attendant Rebecca James (played by Mouna Traore) struggles to complete her medical studies.

Though it is a Canadian series there are plenty of fans south of the border as well. Fans enjoy the period atmosphere, likable characters and tricky mysteries.

Special Features:

-Making Murdoch