The Brothers Grimsby

At this point in his career you know exactly what you are getting from comedic actor Sacha Baron Cohen. He will be ridiculous, gross, having no boundaries, and willing to go to any lengths to get a laugh. Don’t expect anything other. Or you will be disappointed.

Living in the Northern England poor fishing town of Grimsby is Nobby (Sacha Baron Cohen – Borat, Les Miserables – 2012) seems like a totally happy bloke. He loves his girlfriend Dawn (Rebel Wilson – Pitch Perfect, Bridesmaids) and their myriad of children (I really don’t know which are their children and which are their grandchildren). And loves the English soccer team. Life is grand for Nobby. Except for one thing. He has been searching for his brother for 28 years. The two were separated as children as Sebastian was adopted by a well off couple.

91iuzSkg1wL._SL1500_Fate brings the two brothers back together as Sebastian (Mark Strong – The Imitation Game, Miss Sloane) is a top MI6 assassin and is involved in a case involving Rhonda George (Penelope Cruz – Vanilla Sky, Blow) and an international terrorist threat. Sebastian is on the run, wrongly accused and needs a place to hide as his life is in danger. He and his brother Nobby find each other. The two long lost brothers are going to have to work together if they want to save the world.

Will make you laugh and occasionally cringe. This is a spy spoof type film. Makes fun of all those Jason Bourne or Mission: Impossible type films. Yes, it is over the top most of the time and offensive at times. Yes, the story is paper thin, but that matters little in a film of this type. It is just joke after joke. As an added bonus there are also some fun action sequences.

Special Features:

-Line o Rama

-Gag Reel

-The Making of The Brothers Grimsby

-The Elephant in the Room

-Previews of The Night Before, Pride & Prejudice & Zombies, Ghostbusters, Sausage Party, The Bronze, Hello My Name is Doris

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