Batman and Harley Quinn – Blu-ray/DVD Combo Edition

batman and harley quinnComic fans are a very exacting group. They hold their superheroes and those who produce them to high standards. As such, when a new Marvel or DC Comics animated film comes out I am sure that all those behind the scenes are holding their breath waiting for the fan reaction. The reaction for this DC Comics venture was rather mixed with some loving the new direction while others hating it.

Changes are not always welcomed. Especially when it is a big one. In this they have gone with a new voice for the co-lead character of Harley Quinn. It is now Melissa Rauch of The Big Bang Theory fame. Previously it was Tara Strong and some fans don’t seem ready to turn the page on that. Some of the problems with the change can be chalked up to the weak storyline. Batman just always seems annoyed with Harley instead of attempting to make the best of the situation. Plus there is very little interaction between the two main characters. Doesn’t allow you to get too attached to Harley.

With Poison Ivy (voiced by Paget Brewster) and the Floronic Man (voiced by Kevin Michael Richardson) teaming up all hell has broken loose. This leaves Batman (voiced by Kevin Conroy) and Nightwing (voiced by Loren Lester) with no other choice than teaming up with the Joker’s sometimes girlfriend, Harley Quinn (voiced by Melissa Rauch). A global threat is more important than their past history with her.

Plenty of comedic moments happen here with a lot of them being of the bathroom humour variety. It is equal opportunity stuff as even Harley farts! If you are bothered by that or feel it has no place in a superhero film then you might as well not even start watching this one.

What is strong about the film is how it pays tribute to the origins of the Batman series. Goes way back to stuff that happened in the 60s television series. Longtime fans will be impressed at how it makes nods to the series’ history.

While the animation is great the story isn’t. Zero character development or insight happens. We never really explanations or hints as to why characters act the way they do. Those behind the scenes don’t seem to be aware that Batman fans require that. Need strong stories and back stories. Most importantly though (meaning the other plot weaknesses could have been overlooked) is the fact that the entire premise of the film is rather silly.

Special Features:

-Digital Copy

    • A Sneak Peak at DC Universe’s Next Animated Movie


    • The Harley Effect


    • Loren Lester: In His Own Voice


    • A Sneak Peak at Batman: The Dark Knight Returns, Part I


    • A Sneak Peak at Batman: The Dark Knight Returns, Part II


    • A Sneak Peak at Batman: Assault on Arkham


    • From the DC Comics Vault: Batman: The Animated Series, “Harley and Ivy”


    • From the DC Comics Vault: Batman: The Animated Series, “Harley’s Holiday”



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