bruce cockburn bone on boneFirst studio album in seven years for this Canadian minstrel. Bruce Cockburn is an artist that most of us have grown up with his music being a constant part of our lives. He released his first album way back in 1970 and they have continued to come out every couple of years until recently. Bone on Bone is the latest addition to his already impressive catalogue of music. Its release (September 15) also comes at the same time as he is being inducted into the Canadian Songwriter’s Hall of Fame. A nice way to celebrate for him and his fans. There is also a lengthy North American tour announced in support of the album. His 33rd (!) album contains 11 new songs of the type we’ve come to expect from this master songwriter. Never one to shy away from writing politically motivated songs he continues here. the level of anxiety displayed in the words to songs like “States I’m In” and Stab at Matter” really illustrate the uncertain and worrisome times we are living in. All the lyrics are set against beautiful folk arrangements. I also must mention that Cockburn’s guitar playing on many a track is quite ear catching. For those who thought that he might be done with music fear not as the fire still burns within.