Here is a blast from the past. A classic movie from the 80’s, ┬áthat deals with the trials and tribulations of balancing career and family life.

91dF1lk0y1L._SL1500_Michael Keaton stars as Jack Butler in the comedy “Mr. Mom.” He has been accustomed to being the working spouse while his wife Caroline (Teri Garr) has been the primary caretaker of their three kids and their household. When Jack unexpectedly gets the boot from his job and is unable to find another place to work, Caroline puts out the word that she is on the job market. When an advertising executive position is offered to her, she quickly accepts and the couple has no choice but to swap their roles. Jack is now in charge of the household and quickly comes to realize what a challenge it really is.

The film has some really funny moments and a few unexpected twists and turns that make for some fun viewing.

Special Features:

  • Brand-New Documentary: “A Look Back At Mr. Mom” featuring brand-new interviews with:
    • Producer Lauren Shuler Donner
    • Ann Jillian
    • Miriam Flynn
    • Frederick Koehler
    • Taliesin Jaffe
  • Original Theatrical Trailer