Bonnie Li – “We Should Go to Sleep as the Birds are Singing”

1504903323343-l5baqw54yap-df7b1b8f9da4ee526b683c35fc7002b2Bonnie Li are back with their bewitching new single We should go to sleep as the birds are singing, after releasing the acclaimed single Mallory last month. Bonnie performs live with Elia M, and together they produce hypnotic dark industrial electronic music.  Starting off as a one-woman-band, Bonnie Li now a duo with Elia M, is a multi-cultural, bi-lingual new movement in trip hop.

Bonnie grew up in Hong Kong, she takes inspiration throughout the world and her many travels in America, Montreal, Berlin and Paris. Growing up in China shaped Bonnie’s music tastes, exposing her to Classic Chinese Opera alongside the local pop scene. “In my music, I tend to pile up a lot of vocal layers, as different ways to narrate my speech, mixing low deep voices and high pitched ones together.”A family friend, the singer/songwriter Andrew McMahon further was influential in delivery a music education from the inside out, nurturing Bonnie’s tastes and pointed her towards the discovery ofPortisheadBjorkNina Simone and Tim Buckley.

Partnering up with Elia, the duo soon tapped into his passion for industrial electronic music making. Originally a guitarist, his love of the gothic sounds of BauhausMinistry and Skinny Puppy drove him into production in an attempt to create his own niche. Elia gives me a new vision in production, with a more powerful and darker sound. I find that the combination between Elia’s musical background and mine is unusual yet complimentary.”

Sit back and press play to get lost in Bonnie Li’s world. We should go to sleep as the Birds are singingis the new upcoming single, featuring a haunting electronic backing beat and reverb, vocal loops and strong bass lines. Bonnie explains the inspiration:

When I was living in Paris, I left my friends studio (I.N.C.H & Al’tarba) where we were having an after party, it was dawn, abstract hip hop was playing, I walked back home and I was dazed by the tranquility of the morning, and birds started singing’. It is a love song, to an imaginary person, we have one life, let’s live it fully and fuck the rest or what gossipers say”

The duo is currently finalizing the work on Plane-Crash, their 5-track EP, which will be out in early November with a debut album penciled for 2018.

We should go to sleep as the Birds are singing is out everywhere on now via the Swedish label Icons Creating Evil Art.

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