Flipper: Season One

512QAvo33pLOne of the most popular family television programs during the 1960s starred a dolphin. Flipper the dolphin was an intelligent and lovable character that worked its way into the public’s hearts. He was devoted to his human family the Ricks, who included Park Ranger Porter (Brian Kelly – appeared in episodes of The Beverly Hillbillies) and his sons Bud (Tommy Norden – appeared in episodes of Search for Tomorrow) and Sandy (Luke Halpin – Flipper – 1963). They three humans aided by their dolphin friend work together to enforce the rules of the Coral Key Park in Florida and care for the environment. Though much of the television show is dated the environmental aspect was ahead of its time and still very relevant today.

Disc One:
Episode 1: 300 Feet Below: A shark has attacked a man and Porter and his sons receive a distress call.

Episode 2: Red Hot Car: Bud and Sandy get themselves into trouble when the dive to explore a sunken car.

Episode 3: S.O.S. Dolphin: Due to deadly scorpion fish the park is closed, but a scientist who is trying to study them does not heed the warning.

Episode 4: The Gulf Between: Bud thinks that a woman (Diana Van der Vlis – appeared in episodes of Dr. Kildare and The Fugitive) who is visiting with his father is trying to replace his mother.

Episode 5: City Boy: Sandy and a friend are trapped underwater in a sunken ship and it is Flipper to the rescue.

Episode 6: Dolphin For Sale: A fisherman (Ken Drake – appeared in episodes of The Twilight Zone and Petticoat Junction) traps Flipper with the aim of selling him.

Episode 7: Not Necessarily Gospel: Hap Gordan (Andy Devine – Robin Hood – 1973, The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance) wows Bud with his stories but ends up disappointing him in the end.

Episode 8: Countdown For Flipper: Bud and Sandy try to prove Flipper innocent when he is accused of eating an important research specimen.

Disc Two:
Episode 9: Mr. Marvello: A ventriloquist (John Abbott – Anna and the King of Siam) tries to convince Bud and Sandy that Flipper can speak so that he can put into action his own plan.

Episode 10: My Brother Flipper: After being rescued by Flipper an elderly man believes the dolphin to be the reincarnation of his brother.

Episode 11: Second Time Around: Flipper teaches a former water-skiing champion a lesson about hope.

Episode 12: The Land and the Dolphin (Part 1): A visiting congresswoman might be the park’s only hope as it is faced with closure.

Episode 13: The Lady and the Dolphin (Part 2): The boys face some trouble when they take Congresswoman Browning (Margaret Hayes – appeared in episodes of Michael Shayne and Bonanza) diving.

Episode 14: Danger: Bud and Sandy go on a fishing trip with Hap and board an abandoned ship.

Episode 15: Misanthrope: Bud, Sandy and Flipper try to figure out who has been robbing items from boats.

Episode 16: Flipper’s Bank Account: A gold rush occurs after Flipper discovers a Spanish Doubloon.

Disc Three:
Episode 17: Lifeguard: Flipper’s lifeguarding skills are put to the test when he has to rescue a woman.

Episode 18: The Day of the Shark: A school of sharks plagues the park so a marine researcher is called in.

Episode 19: Love and Sandy: Sandy has a bad case of puppy love and is convinced by the girl to help her find a lost seal.

Episode 20: Money to Blow: Bud spends like a drunken sailor after Flipper gives him the money he found on a shipwreck.

Episode 21: Flipper’s Treasure: Flipper and Bud find one good thing (treasure) and one bad thing (trouble).

Episode 22: The White Dolphin: Flipper makes friends with an albino dolphin, but his friend is in danger due to some people who want to make money off the rarity.

Episode 23: Teamwork: Toxic chemicals have polluted the park’s waters just before the annual swim race.

Episode 24: Flipper and the Elephant (Part 1): A floating zoo is sinking and Flipper tries to save them.

Disc Four:
Episode 25: Flipper and the Elephant (Part 2): Bonnie McCoy (Cheryl Miller – appeared in episodes of Leave it to Beaver and Perry Mason) and the boys try to save the floating zoo.

Episode 26: Flipper and the Elephant (Part 3): Sandy, Bud and Flipper put on a show to raise the money to get Bonnie’s father out of jail.

Episode 27: Bud Minds Baby: Bud tries to be like his favourite television hero when he attempts a rescue of his own.

Episode 28: Sailor Bud: Flipper rescues a couple stranded on their boat.

Episode 29: Call of the Dolphin: Flipper follows a school of dolphins out to sea.

Episode 30: Flipper’s Monster: Flipper is awed by Hollywood when a film crew comes to film a monster movie.



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