Hawaii Five-O: The Seventh Season

hawaii five o the seventh seasonThough this is your typical police drama type show what makes it watchable are the relationships between the Five-O team members. Now that I read that Daniel Kim and Grace Park are not returning for season 8 I wonder how that will affect the show’s chemistry. I think the hole will be noticeable.

That being said, season seven is more of the same. If you are a fan then you’ll continue watching. If you aren’t there is nothing new going on here that might attract you. Bad guys surface and this Hawaiian special task force led by Steve McGarrett (played by Alex O’Loughlin) attempts to catch them. Murders happens and they are solved within 42 minutes. Nothing groundbreaking.

A big plus is the scenery. The show really is an ad for Hawaii. All the outdoor scenes benefit as a result of the greenery and beaches. Totally will make you want to travel to Hawaii. That helps during the times where the story lines are a little far fetched. Like how this team of five can get into a shootout with a couple dozen cartel members and kill them all while not getting a scratch. Or how they can travel to Morocco from Hawaii and right away get cooperation from local law enforcement.

Special Features:

-Deleted Scenes and Extended Scenes

-Watch! Magazine photo shoot with Alex O’Loughlin

-Shorelines: Season 7

-The Chun family legacy

-Teilor Grubbs video diary

-Gag reel


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