outlander season twoHaving been transported via some large magic rocks from 1943 way back in time to the year 1743 is enough to have anyone in a state. Having endured this shock to her system for a year Claire Beacham (played by ) is now settling into the reality that is now her life. So much so that she has fallen in love with a handsome Scottish warrior named Jamie Fraser (played by Sam Heughan) and has adjusted to that fact that her life has changed in almost every way possible.

In season two it changes again as she and Jamie have to flee Scotland for France due to the threat on their lives by a relative of her husband’s, British officer Jack Randall. There they try to integrate themselves into French society in order to put a spoke in the wheels of Prince Charles Stuart, who wants to ascend to the throne and will go to war to do so. Claire, because she comes from the future, knows that at the Battle of Culloden that most Scots will be slaughtered, so she and Jamie set about making sure it never occurs.

Part fantasy and party reality, it makes for a very interesting mix. Drama, romance and history make up the elements and the mesh well together here. When you add in top notch production values and fantastic scenery then you have a series that will have you coming back week after week.

Yes, there is sex and violence in the series though there is more to it than just those two elements. Just be prepared for them as there are scenes of rape and torture.

Special Features:

-Deleted and Extended Scenes with Introduction by Ronald D. Moore

-Outlander Podcasts

-“Faith” Extended Episode

-The Characters of Season 2

-Designing History: The Costumes of Outlander

-Recreating 18th Century Paris

-Gag Reel

-Jamie & Claire: To Hell and Back

-From Book to Screen: Discovering the Differences

-“Dragonfly in Amber” Alternate Fight Scene