Matt Patershuk – Same As I Ever Have Been

matt patershuk same as i ever have beenAlberta native Matt Patershuk is back with his guitar, voice and a collection of country or blues tinged songs. It is at the same time rather old school country blues while being modern sounding at the same time. Same As I Ever Have Been many times reminds me of lullabies sung by a rather gravelly voiced minstrel. Every track on the album sounds like a true story, something he has lived. Lyrically the guy certainly knows how to set up a mood. Meaning he is a better than average song writer. He can go from tongue in cheek funny stuff (“Good Luck”) to a heartbreaker of a tune about the death of his sister at the hands of a drunk driver (“Memory and the First Law of Thermodynamics”) with ease. The magic of it all is that he makes it sound all loose and jam sounding but if you really listen you realize it has been completely planned and thought out. Fans of Tom Waits, Kris Kristofferson and Waylon Jennings do need to listen to this Canadian.

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