Chicago Justice: Season One

chicago justice season oneThinking that this was going to be on par with Law & Order I jumped in eagerly. Only to land in belly flop position. Meaning it was a disappointment. I guess Dick Wolf’s (the man behind all the Law & Orders and Chicago series) luck had to run out eventually. It ended here. While this series, about the legal side of things in Chicago centers around the District Attorney’s office in Cook County, is not completely horrible it is not up to the standards set by Law & Order.

Senior ADA Peter Stone (played by Philip Winchester) is a man who is very singleminded in his pursuit of justice. He will go to any length and even risk his own job to pursue any type of criminal case brought before him. Sometimes this means he has to butt heads against his more politically oriented boss, Mark Jefferies (played by Carl Weathers). He fearlessly leads his team of ADA Anna Valdez (played by Monica Barbaro) and two detectives, Antonio Dawson (played by Jon Seda) and Laura Nagel (played by Joelle Carter).

It is a short first season with only 13 episodes (not the usual 22 or 23 of network television). Each one tries to deal with social or ethical issues which are hot button topics today like terrorism or racism but misses the mark more than it hits it. Whatever message or food for thought they are trying to get across is lost in the muddle.

Special Features:

-Two Crossover Episodes – Deathtrap (Chicago Fire Crossover Episode) and Emotions Proximity

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