STROM – “Shay-Ling”

strom shay lingSwedish 27 year old producer and multi-instrumentalist STRØM debuted his single ”Mesmerize” earlier this year that held Number 1 on Hype Machine for two weeks and achieved sync placement in a BMW commercial. We Are The Guard described the track as “dark, brooding, menacing, yet sweet, soulful and seductive.” These adjectives inhabit his second single ”Shay-Ling” that combines the pensive lyrics and dark atmosphere of Kauf with sexy guitar and falsetto vocals of Zhu.

According to STRØM, his ambition is to break away from traditional musical structures and create a hybrid genre without rules or fixed directions.  An acute ear will notice elements of indie rock, electro, and R&B vocals that challenge electronic genre conventions. The catchy guitar riffs between delicate lyrics reveal his influences of DIIV and D’Angelo.  STRØM’s talent for blending and deconstructing genres captures precious moments – dwelling on the past and the promises that disappeared.

Blog coverage by Bear Tunes, Too Many Blogs and others relay the perceived darkness of STRØM’s music. “Shay-Ling” opens the mysterious portal to STRØM’s world, where embracing the darkness ultimately leads to enlightenment.


“Shay-Ling” is out everywhere 6 October on Swedish label Icons Creating Evil Art.

STRØM – Shay-Ling:

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