Red Christmas – Blu-ray Edition

I missed this Aussie slasher film when it screened earlier this year at Fantasia. It is out now on blu-ray and VOD. The dark and twisted film is from the mind of director/screenwriter Craig Anderson and stars veteran actress and a woman well known to horror film fans, Dee Wallace.

It is Christmas time in Australia and single mother Diane (Dee Wallace – ET: The Extra-Terrestrial, Cujo) is looking forward to her family being together for the holidays. This despite the fact that they don’t get along that well.

red christmasThe family is deep into squabbling mode when there is a knock at the door. Upon opening it, there stands a deformed young man. His name is Cletus (Sam Campbell) and it turns out he is grown up fetus which Diane aborted 20-odd years ago. Cletus is not looking to reunite with the woman who chose to abort him, rather he is out for revenge. Soon that desire for revenge extends out to the entire family. It might be a Red Christmas.

Disturbing is the name of the game here. Once it begins (pretty much from the first scenes of a bombing of an abortion clinic) it does not let up for the entire 82 minutes of the film.

For true horror fans it will remind you of the slasher films popular during the 80s. But it is better than most of those b films in that it has several surprising layers to it. Topics such as abortion, ethics, religion, and feminism are delved into. Even the ending, which has tripped up many a horror film, is well done.

Another plus is that unlike many horror films the characters here are rather well thought out and developed. That is aided by the fact that the actors here all do a good job with a special kudo handed out to Dee Wallace.

The way that the victims are killed (agonizingly one by one) is inventive with each one being offed in a different manner. All the positives add up to a real fun watch!

Special Features:

-Dee Wallace Speaks

-An Interview with Gerard Odwyer

-Red Christmas Blooper Reel

-A Deleted Scene

-Craig Anderson Mini-Interview

-Director’s Commentary

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