scorpion season threeCombining two hot subjects/themes on television today, Scorpion tells the tale of a bunch of geniuses (hot since The Big Bang Theory) under the guidance of FBI agent Cabe Gallo (played by Robert Patrick) who take on a myriad of jobs that all have in common impending doom (kinda like Criminal Minds, CSI, Arrow, Flash). Because their minds function at a higher level than 99% of the population they sometimes (by sometimes I mean often) have trouble relating to us normals. That rather large job is undertaken by former waitress and single mother (of a child genius), Paige (played by Katharine McPhee). The team is led by head genius, Walter O’Brien (played by Elyes Gabel).

Watching it you have to remember it is a television show and not reality. Yes, there are some things they do to save the day that are impossible or some science that is false. Just go with it, folks. It’s meant to be entertainment not a science show.

This season the Scorpion team deals with a whole new bunch of problems to solve, bad guys to catch and disasters to avert. Along with Cabe starting to date again, Toby (played by Eddie Kay Thomas) and Happy’s (played by Hadyn Wong) upcoming wedding, the Walter/Paige/Tim (played by Scott Porter) triangle, and Paige’s mom (played by Lea Thompson) reentering her daughter’s life.

It certainly is different from most of what is on television. With precious little violence or adult situations and a good mix of action, drama and comedy, it is something the entire family can watch.

Special Features:

-Unlikely Heroes: Scorpion Season 3

-You’re Invited

-Scorp Beats

-Mock Me Up

-Gag Reel