Everybody Hates Chris: The Complete Series

91e9KWg94fL._SL1500_Chris Rock is one of the most esteemed stand-up comedians working today and has tried his hand at the acting thing with turns in films like Grown Ups 2 and Lethal Weapon 4. He has been more successful as a voice actor in animated films like Madagascar. Everybody Hates Chris was not his first go at a television series but was the first he made personal. It is based on his own life and experiences growing up in Brooklyn in the 1980s while going to a school that features a heavily white population. It is funny (as you would expect from Rock) while at the same time also being poignant.

In the year 1982 Chris (played by Tyler James Williams) becomes a teenager turning 13. He is one of many who dreams of becoming part of the cool kids group at school. His family has moved from the projects to Brooklyn. He is the oldest of three kids who live with their parents Julius (played by Terry Crews) and Rochelle (played by Tichina Arnold). To make ends meet his parents work a lot which means that Chris has to take care of Drew (played by Tequan Richmond) and sister Tonya (played by Imani Hakim).

Because Rochelle wants the best for her kids, Chris is sent out of district to school. He goes to by several city buses to the heavily Italian area of South Shore at Corleone Junior High. Once there, as the new kid who is also black, he becomes the target of the bullies. Chris uses his wits and humour to make friends with Greg (played by Vincent Martella). The two are going to have to use their smarts to talk themselves out of many tight scrapes.

Many out there will be able to relate with what Chris goes through. As such, it will make the dramatic moments that much more touching and the humour even funnier. It is also really timely despite the fact that the story takes place over 30 years ago. The racial elements continue today. Because of the smart dialogue and overall writing in the show it takes these sometimes touchy subjects and shows the humourous side at the same time as the serious. Honest look at the lives of African Americans.

Chris Rock undertakes the role of the narrator and is great. He does a great job with that distinctive voice of his. There are also plenty of fun references to the decade of the 80s and also loads of great music from that era. Those who lived through that time will have a smile on their face as a result.

It is the type of show in which the whole family can watch together and enjoy. Though to be honest there is plenty of language and situations (drugs, racism, etc.) which are probably not appropriate for kids under the age of 12.

Special Features:

-Audio Commentaries on Select Episodes

-Everybody Hates the Making of Everybody Hates Chris

-Everybody Hates Tichina’s Theme Song

-Everybody Hates the Music

-Everybody Hates the Set

-Everybody Hates Video Cameras

-Everybody Hates Bloopers

-Everybody Hates Ali’s Photos

-Everybody Hates the Cast and Crew Again


-Deleted Scenes

-Everybody Hates a Day in the Life of Tyler James Williams

-Everybody Hates Mr. Omar’s Women

-Everybody Hates Vincent’s School Tour

-Everybody Hates Stand-ins

-Everybody Hates Mrs. Morello’s Racism

-Everybody Hates Wardrobe

-Gag Reel


-Director Webisodes

-Chris Rock V.O. Session Unplugged

-Location, Location, Location

-“Off the Cuff” Cast Interviews

-More Ms. Morello-isms

-Slaver Slav Music Video

-Intro to Season Opener

-Candid with the Cast

-Death in the Dining Room

-Give ’em Props

-“Juste Pour Rire” = Just for Laughs

-The “Key” to VFX

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