Most of us see politicians or members of government as rather ineffectual people who don’t get to enact much change. And certainly nothing that benefits us. After watching a show like Madam Secretary I change that view slightly as I think that the person in the position of Secretary of State in the United States is in the position to do some good. The Secretary of State is not affiliated with any party and really is a powerful diplomat who operates only answering to the President of the United States, but pretty much pursues their own agenda. An agenda that heavily involves brokering peace or treaties and foreign policy.

madam secretary season 3Elizabeth McCord (played by Tea Leoni) is a woman who is looking to affect some real change in the world. She was formerly a math geek then a college professor and finally a CIA analyst. When President Conrad Dalton (played by Keith Carradine) pretty much gives her no choice but becoming his Secretary of State, she finally gets the chance to do something truly concrete.

While trying to be a wife to her husband Henry (played by Tim Daly) and a mother to their three children, Alison (played by Kathrine Herzer), Jason (played by Evan Roe) and Stephanie (played by Wallis Currie-Wood), she has to deal with being one of the most powerful diplomats in the world.

This season Elizabeth has to deal with tensions with Russia and China, tensions between Iran and Israel, an election, and climate change while at the same time her family is the target of a dangerous stalker.

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