You have seen Paycheck before. Okay, perhaps you haven’t technically seen Woo’s multi-million dollar action film, but if you have ever checked out a Steven Segal flick, then you know exactly what you are getting into.

Based on the book by the Elmore Leonard of sci-fi Philip K. Dick, Paycheck is a Bourne Identity-esque tale of Michael Jennings (Ben Affleck), a man being hunted down by a large corporation with no knowledge of what it is he has done. You see, the technological genius Jennings has spent a substantial period of his life doing freelance work for various companies. His services have been used for top secret projects and after his work is done, a portion of his memory is wiped clean. Jennings never remembers what he has devoted weeks of his life to, but doesn’t mind it too much due to the hefty paychecks he receives in return for his labor.

paycheckThings go wrong when Michael accepts an offer from longtime pal Rethrick (Aaron Eckhart) and his associate Wolf (Colm Feore). After three years of working for Nexis, Jennings can not remember a single thing he has done, however both the authorities and his employers are hot o¬n his trail.

Former colleague and love interest Rachel (Uma Thurman looking as striking as ever) comes along for the ride, trying to aid her beau as he attempts to figure out what he has done with the help of an envelope filled with knickknacks.

Paycheck is an expensively chintzy blockbuster which delivers exactly what you paid for-no more, no less. While the movie is entertaining for what it is, the film feels like the kid brother to 2002’s Minority Report. If you like explosions and implausible action sequences, you might as well check this baby out; but when it comes to groundbreaking science fiction, even Van Damme’s Timecop will give Paycheck a run for its money.

Special Features:

-Designing the Future
-Deleted/Alternate Scenes
-Tempting Fate

-Audio Commentaries