The Honeymooners: Christmas Laughter

the honeymooners christmas laughtersIt is not often that a comedy series comes along that has such an effect and leaves such a mark. The Honeymooners was that type of show. Its star Jackie Gleason was the forefather of such future characters as Archie Bunker and animated Fred Flintstone. With his hair triggered temper, bumbling ways, bulging eyes, and harebrained get rich quick schemes there is never a dull moment around Ralph Kramden. Gleason is well-supported by Audrey Meadows, Art Carney and Joyce Randolph. The show still will provide watchers plenty of laughs.

Twas the Night Before Christmas: Its Christmas time and Alice is having a hard time keeping Ralph away from his gift. Turns out the gift Ralph got Alice is not as special as he thought.

TV Or Not TV: Alice (played by Audrey Meadow) tries to convince Ralph (played by Jackie Gleason) to buy a television. To do so she tries the old pipe and slippers routine.

The Golfer: Ralph wants to be named the new Assistant Traffic Manager at work. He’ll only have a chance if Mr. Harper (played by John Griggs) knows he’s alive.

Better Living Through TV: Ralph comes up with another one of his harebrained schemes to get rich. Part of his idea is buying television time in order to sell his product.

The Man From Space: Ralph comes up with another one of his get money quick schemes. The costume contest pits Ralph and Norton against one another.

The $99,000 Answer: Ralph gets selected to on the $99,000 Answer. He dreams of winning the money while Alice wants him to be reasonable

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