Dawn of the Dead: Collector’s Edition – Blu-ray Edition

Remaking a classic horror film is rarely a good idea and while I’m not going to claim that this was a great idea it certainly was an entertaining one. From the very beginning scenes (with the opening credits running over them) the film grabs your attention and does not let go.

Ana (Sarah Polley – The Sweet Hereafter, Exotica) is a nurse who has finished her shift and is coming home to her husband. She is dreaming of a restful night in the suburbs, but what she gets is the exact opposite. During a neighbourhood disturbance her husband is bit in the neck by a little girl (Hannah Lochner – Firehouse Dog). Luis (Justin Louis – Saw IV, Shooter) bleeds out and Ana thinks he is dead. He is not dead but he becomes a killer zombie who wants to end his wife’s life.

dawn of the deadManaging to escape, Ana discovers her entire neighbourhood has turned to flesh eating zombies. Driving away in her car Ana hears evacuation notices over the radio. Panic has gripped the United States. While evading the zombies Ana crashes into a tree and while escaping the car meets a police officer (Ving Rhames – Mission: Impossible III, Out of Sight) and other survivors. They all try to find a safe place to hole up in. The local mall seems to be their only option. At the mall they watch the news reports and find three security officers who are not exactly thrilled to see them. The zombies keep attacking the mall trying to get in. A woman drives in a whole busload of more survivors. Knowing that their supplies are going to run out the entire gang try to figure out a way to get to Steve’s (Ty Burrell – Black Hawk Down, In Good Company) boat to get to an island and safety.

Lately the horror genre has gone through a terrible period with bad film after bad film. This film (originally released in 2004) is an exception. It has everything you want from a horror film with zombies, such as blood, gore, humour, plenty of scary moments, and lots of exploding zombies. The action is kept at a fast pace and some of the dialogue is rather witty. Yes, there are some holes in the plot and the ending is not the best, but overall it will win over even the most jaded viewers.

Special Features:

  • NEW Take A Chance on Me – an interview with actor Ty Burrell
  • NEW Gunn for Hire – an interview with writer James Gunn
  • NEW Punk, Rock & Zombie – an interview with actor Jake Weber
  • NEW Killing Time at the Mall: The Special Effects of Dawn of the Dead – an interview with special makeup effects artists David Anderson and Heather Langenkamp Anderson
  • Deleted Scenes with optional commentary by director Zach Snyder and producer Eric Newman
  • Theatrical Trailer
  • Still Gallery
  • Audio Commentary with director Zach Snyder and producer Eric Newman
  • Splitting Headaches: Anatomy of Exploding Heads
  • Attack of the Living Dead
  • Raising the Dead
  • Andy’s Lost Tape
  • Special Report: Zombie Invasion
  • Undead and Loving It: A Mockumentary
  • Drawing the Dead featurette
  • Storyboard Comparisons
  • Hidden Easter Egg

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