Wings – Blu-ray Edition

wingsThis first-ever Oscar winner for ‘Best Picture’ is an exciting action spectacle with a romantic drama storyline. It stars some of the most popular actors of the 1920s including the legendary Clara Bow, dubbed by Hollywood as the ‘It’ girl. (Whatever ‘It’ was, she definitely had plenty!) Her big eyes, round face and innocent charms made her a key part of the story’s love triangle. Appearing in a small but memorable role is Gary Cooper who later went onto movie super-stardom.

WINGS will at times have you gasping in awe and on the edge of your seat, especially over the perilous biplane action in the skies. Never before had such (dangerous!) aerial sequences been done so brilliantly, setting standards for future films of its type. To this day, the drama and magic of some of the shots has never been equalled.
Special Features:
-Wings: Grandeur in the Sky
-Restoring the Power and Beauty of Wings

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