Sometimes it is the small things in life. The little things begin to add up to something fantastic. Such is not often the case in films. For instance, in Justice there are small pluses like the excellent sets and sharp cinematography. Unfortunately for director Richard Gahai (Popstar, Call of the Wild 3D) and those who choose to watch the film that is where the small things done well end.

The Civil War has been over for three years and for some it should not be. A group of men are trying to get the war started up again. And will go to any length to make that happen. That group is led by a corrupt and power hungry mayor. Mayor Pierce (played by Stephen Lang) has a group of bloodthirsty killer working for him to that end. They will even kill the town priest (Nathan Parsons).

81wI1SsVA+L._SL1500_What this merry band of ne’er do wells doesn’t know is that the priest has a brother and he is a U.S. Marshal. Thomas McCord (played by Jackson Rathbone) comes to town to figure out who is behind the murder of his brother. Soon he, and the town schoolmistress Melissa (played by Jamie-Lynn Sigler), realize there is more to it than a simple murder. The further McCord goes the more his life is in danger, but he has never been one to walk away from a good fight or the fight for good.

Everything about the story is so unbelievable, even when it comes to films, that it is almost laughable. Badly conceived of and acted. Bad Western cliche after bad movie cliche. At certain points it got so bad I thought it might have been veering towards farce. But no…unfortunately just bad.┬áPlus the whole annoying aspect that women are just around to be rescued by men.


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