A Very Brady Christmas

a very brady christmasChristmas is a family time and A Very Brady Christmas, which originally aired in 1988, is a family trying to make it just that. This is easier said than do when you have six grown siblings with their own lives and families. Organizing that many people is a difficult task even when you are the Bradys.

To catch you up a little, Mike (played by Robert Reed) is still an architect. His wife Carol (played by Florence Henderson) is working as a real estate agent. Their former house keeper Alice (played by Ann B. Davis) is married, but returns when her husband leaves her for a younger woman. Greg (played by Barry Williams) is a doctor and his wife is a nurse. Marcia (played by Maureen McCormick) is a stay at home mom whose husband Wally (played by Jerry Houser) has just lost his job. Jan (played by Eve Plumb) is in the process of separating from her husband. Peter (played by Christopher Knight) works for a company in which his girlfriend is his boss. Cindy (played by Jennifer Runyon) is away at college. The family believes that Bobby (played by Mike Lookinland) is a well but he has actually dropped out to be a stock car driver.

For Christmas, Mike and Carol pay for the entire family to fly back home to be together. Mike is working on a building design and figures out that the structural integrity is not up to snuff. While he is on site inspecting the building it collapses and he is trapped in the rubble. The entire family rushes to the site wondering if they will see him again and whether this will truly be a merry Christmas.

You certainly don’t watch a Brady’s film or episode in order to be mentally stimulated. People of a certain age (over 40) will watch it to feel like a kid again. Younger people will watch it to take a trip back in television time. You also have to be accepting of the corny nature of all that goes on. It is an example of it is so bad that it is good. Revel in all the cheesiness.

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