This is not Disney or Pixar – meaning the high production values you can expect from an animated film from one of these two studios. The animation is rather simple and not as sharp as you might have come to expect from the bigger movie studios. As for the rest like story, humour and music all these are winners.

The overriding messages of the film is a good one for kids with all the do what you want to with your life. Make your dreams reality. Be yourself.

In a village where the primary industry is sheep a group of Tibetan Mastiff have traditionally been the ones to guard the flock. Now, it is Khampa (voiced by J.K. Simmons) who is the leader of the guards. He is the one who has driven away the hungry wolf pack, led by Linnux (voiced by Lewis Black). Naturally he believes that when the time is right he will step away and his son Bodi (voiced by Luke Wilson) will take his place. Little does he know that Bodi does not really have the passion for protecting the sheep that his father does.

That is sealed when one day out of the sky a bunch of articles fall to the ground. One of those things is a radio. Khampa has banned music as he finds it to just be a distraction. So when Bodi hears a rock song coming out of the box his life changes forever. The song is by rock legend Angus Scattergood (voiced by Eddie Izzard) and in order to pursue becoming a musician Bodi leaves his village for the big city.

Linnux sees this and believes that Bodi is the way his wolf pack is going to get their teeth into the sheep. Will Bodi have to abandon his dream of music to save his friends, family and village. Stay tuned!

rock dog

Now, if you go in expecting a few cliches and predictable moments then you can let that go and enjoy Rock Dog.

Special Features:

-Believe! Featurette

-“Glorious” – Sing Along Music Video

-Interview with Ash Brannon

-Interview with Zheng Jun