CooperTheBand release official video “Rebels”

coopertheband kingdomsThis rhythmic anthem that is the single “Rebels” is a fun track that will make you want to roll your windows down, and enjoy. It’s about running off into the night with your love looking to feel alive in rebellion. “Rebels” touches on the feeling of  when you find yourself overwhelmed by life and the weight of it all, but are still  able to still find joy wherever you are… pushing against the grain of everyday monotony and remembering to live and enjoy each moment. The harmonies in this tune make it massive, leaving you wanting to know more about the story. Video is set to release on November 17, 2017.

FOR FANS OF:  Of Monsters and Men, Judah & the Lion, Young the Giant, Imagine Dragons, Colony House, Coldplay, Switchfoot, Relient K, Needtobreathe, COIN

Link to video “Rebels”:

Coopertheband (all one word) is a “bramily” (band/friends/family) composed of five massive music nerds with minds to rhyme and ten hot feet. Centered in Jackson, TN, the band has found success nationally, featured on networks like HBO, ESPN, and TruTV as well as the hit show “Without a Trace.” Coopertheband (CTB) is also hugely plugged into the local music scene and often finds itself on podcasts, regional television shows, and the occasional old-fashioned newspaper article. To date, Coopertheband has released three albums – Venture (2010), Kings EP (2012), and most recently, Kingdoms (2017) – now available everywhere.


Although they do not identify as a Christian band their latest album Kingdoms is loosely

inspired by the life of David from the bible. They feel as though he is a very flawed, human

character who tries to do the right thing and were able to relate to his story on a personal level and felt others could too. Inspired by David’s life, CTB applied the inspiration of love stories, rebellion, and challenges to our modern lives to come up with a very fun and upbeat album about breaking free from the mold and standing up for what you believe in.





  1. Rebels
  2. Mercy!
  3. We ran as if to meet the moon…
  4. Moon Pt. 1
  5. Abigail
  6. Collarbones
  7. Invisible Man
  8. Moon Pt. 2
  9. Home
  10. Undignified
  11. Kingdoms 


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