Frasier: Christmas Episodes

frasier christmas episodesI willingly admit that I have used as a litmus test for people I meet whether they like the television show Frasier. Anyone who does not like the show is automatically dismissed. Kinda like animals in that anyone who does not like animals is put in the suspicious category. Frasier is an amazing show and never does anything the typical way. That is also true in regards to their Christmas episodes.

Frasier ran for 11 seasons and we have eight Christmas episodes here in this collection. To be honest I cannot even tell you which one is my favourite as they are all enjoyable. Miracle on Third or Fourth Street, Frasier Grinch, Perspectives on Christmas, Merry Christmas Mrs. Moskowitz, The Fight Before Christmas, Mary Christmas, We Two Kings, and High Holiday all have their share of “moments”. If pressed I would have to say High Holiday involving Frasier’s (played by Kelsey Grammar) son arriving for Christmas and shocking everyone as he is now goth and Niles (played by David Hyde Pierce) deciding he is going to rebel as an adult because he did not do it as a teenager is the cherry on top of the cake served here. Rarely is there a bad show or one that doesn’t give you a couple of good laughs.

With the show that started off as a spinoff of Cheers, the interplay between the characters (all) is what is great here. With the two opera loving and a little snobby brothers, Niles and Frasier, being at odds with mostly everyone else. Many of the episodes center around family squabbles in a very genuine (and funny) way. What really will win you over is the smooth mixture of poignancy and humour.


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