Cinemania Enjoys a Very Successful 23rd Edition

This past weekend the 23rd annual Cinemania film festival ended. The closing film was Au Revoir La-Haut by Albert Dupontel. This screening and many others were full of people. At the box office they did gang busters with several sold out screenings. Of the 54 films shown 47 were premieres of some types.

To add to that cachet many of the actors or directors were there at the screenings. Including two guests of honour, Michel Hazanavicius and Claude Lelouch, actresses Jeanne Balibar, Pascale Bussières, Isabelle Blais, Camille Mongeau and Valerie Blais, actors Swann Arlaud, Jérémie Renier, Lambert Wilson, Emile-Proulx Cloutier, Jean-Michel Anctil, James Hyndman and Nahuel Pérez Biscayart, filmmaker Laura Schroeder and directors Olivier Nakache, Hubert Charuel, Nadir Moknèche, Jean-Francois Asselin and Martin Laroche, as well as journalist and professional emcee Patrick Fabre, journalist Francois-Pier Pélinard Lambert, producers Pierre Even, Denise Robert, Yann Zenou and Laurent Zeitoun.


Cinemania 2017 – Prize Winners:

« AU REVOIR LÀ-HAUT » Réalisé par Albert DUPONTELGrand Prix Mel Hoppenheim

Au Revoir La-Haut (See You Up There) by Albert Dupontel

Set in France post-World War I the film is an adaptation of the novel by Pierre Lemaitre

The festival’s grand prize went to the closing film. Meaning they knew what they were choosing. The film’s star Nahuel Perez Biscayart of Argentina was on hand for the festival and also stars in the soon to be released and anticipated 120 Beats Per Minute. Cinemania’s top film will open on Quebec screens towards the end of December, so if you missed it here there will be other chances.

 Prix Jeunesse Francophone TV5 prize for Best First Film

Petit Paysan (Bloody Milk) by Hubert Charuel

This French made film won a heated competition between seven first time film makers. Charuel’s film won due to the strong acting, the sensitivity and sincerity of the story and impressive directing.

A fictional depiction that was based on the Mad Cow breakout of a few years back. A young family farmer works hard against all odds to save his herd of cows and lives through the daily struggles on a dairy farm.


The 24th edition of CINEMANIA will take place between 8 and 18, November 2018.

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