81bzzLrZ9RL._SL1500_Some claim that now is the gold age of television. With series like The Handmaid’s Tale, Game of Thrones, Black-ish, Big Little Lies, Brooklyn Nine-Nine, Outlander, The Good Place, Narcos, The Deuce, Master of None, and Stranger Things are just the tip of the iceberg. It’s hard to argue against it with good drama, historical, sci fi, comedy, and fantasy shows to select from. One that belongs on the top shows list, but it probably the most underwatched and underappreciated is the British series, The Fall.

There are only three seasons (so far, but there is room for more) with only 6 episodes per season, so you can easily catch up. It stars the always excellent Gillian Anderson and the surprisingly good (based on the 50 Shades film series) Jamie Dornan. These two go head to head each week for the entirety of the three seasons. It is a worthwhile battle of wits to watch.

If you are in the mood for sad, creepy and depressing then The Fall will be right up your alley. Detective Superintendent Stella Gibson (played by Gillian Anderson) is in charge of a team tasked with finding out the identity of a serial killer who has been targeting women. In Season Two it seemed like she had done that and apprehended Paul Spector (played by Jamie Dornan). Tables turn when the critically wounded Spector wakes up from his coma and claims to not remember anything. Especially not being a serial killer.

Nonplussed Stella is determined to make Spector pay for his crimes. She painstakingly accumulates evidence against him. This does not please her superiors. Plus Spector’s defence lawyers claim that she is getting too close to him. With these kinds of odds stacked against it there seems to be no way that justice will be served.

One of those rare series which pleases both audience and critics. Having two incredibly intelligent people go head to head against one another is incredibly watchable despite all the darkness. The two actors do a great job going up against each other. Bringing a gravitas and depth to their characters, both of which could have been boring one notes. They have been developed into highly flawed, mysterious and watchable characters. This psychological thriller will stay with you long after the final episode.