Buffy Sainte-Marie – Medicine Songs

buffy sainte marie medecine songsLike wine Buffy Sainte-Marie seems to get better with age. Here, her latest album, is a combo package. You get new songs alongside some reworkings of some of her classic tracks. Over the course of a decades long career she has become one of the more celebrated and adored Native American musicians. She is an educator, activist, visual artist, performer, and songwriter. There is not much in the arts that this lady cannot do. Most of what she does is centered around indigenous people and the environment. Her last album, Power in the Blood, was not only well reviewed but won her the 2015 Polaris prize. Her follow up is no less powerful a body of work. From the new music including duet with indigenous artist Tanya Tagaq and the politically slanted “The War Racket” to her reinterpretations of her own songs like “Starwalker” and “Universal Soldier”, it is all powerful and important. Even if you have never heard her before this is a great place to begin your Buffy Sainte-Marie voyage. We are lucky that even fifty years into a career she still brims with the passion she always has and sounds great vocally. With each purchase of the CD you get a download car for seven additional new recordings. Would make a great Christmas present for anyone on your list.

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