The Fall: Complete Collection – Blu-ray Edition

the fall complete collectionOne of those rare series which pleases both audience and critics. Having two incredibly intelligent people go head to head against one another is incredibly watchable despite all the darkness. The two actors do a great job going up against each other. Bringing a gravitas and depth to their characters, both of which could have been boring one notes. They have been developed into highly flawed, mysterious and watchable characters. This psychological thriller will stay with you long after the final episode.

Killer and cop play cat and mouse. It is dark, riveting, eerie, and haunting. But always highly watchable. Detective Superintendent Stella Gibson is the head of a team tasked with finding out who the Belfast Strangler is. A serial killer of women. Normal guy/grief counsellor/husband/dad Paul Spector (played by Jamie Dornan), unbeknownst to everyone in his life, is the killer. The hunt is on for Stella to solve the case while the eyes of her superiors and the country are on her.

What is really cool about the series is that you get to see things from both sides. You see how the cop and killer see and go about different things. There is tension followed by twists and turns always holding you in its grasp. Everything feeds into the mood, which is excellently set up. The grey skies, the moody soundtrack and the two icy leads. 17 episodes that you will binge watch and leave you wanting more.

Special Features:

-Bonus behind-the-scenes featurette (9 min.)

-Deleted scenes (9 min.)

-Photo gallery.

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