Bonander – “The Oracle”

Swedish experimental songwriter and producer Bonander is releasing her first single on Icons Creating Evil Art. With a vocal style reminiscent of Björk and Kate Bush, and a unique approach to songwriting, the result is a boundary-pushing sound that remains accessible.


‘The Oracle’ is a directly political track, an outcry against the ultra-right’s perceived ‘success’ in Eurbonander the oracleope – a call out to the public to remember their history, and not to fall for the trap of ‘masked racism’, which unfortunately at present is a message that resonates across the majority of the Western world. Sonically it’s a slow builder, increasing the tension throughout before erupting into a barrage of broken basslines and pounding beats, with Bonander’s vocals soaring over the top.


She tells us “I wrote The Oracle one day when I was particularly frustrated about the normalization of racism in Sweden (and other parts of the world). We disguise racist politics behind fancy words and hollow arguments and it is our responsibility to do something.”


The B-side, ‘Safe’ continues on a similarly melancholic note, questioning what freedom we actually have within a society that will only accept you if you follow its norms. Bonander’s view is that “we live in this illusion that everything is functioning and works just fine, but as soon as somebody acts against what is considered normal, our prejudice and judgement fails these marginalized groups of people.”  


Bonander (real name Ellinor Sterner) says that her mission is to affect people with her art, allowing the listener to emotionally connect with music in the same way that she has all her life. Having studied her craft all over Sweden, from the Forest of Varmland, to Ostersund in the North and Malmö in the South, Bonander landed back in her hometown, the creative hub of Stockholm where she currently writes and produces. Her time spent studying Jazz vocals, unusual synthesizers and cutting-edge production techniques, combined with a love of pop music led her into experimental songwriting territory, inspiring her to write and produce her own distinctive compositions.

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