March 1992 Montrealer Sass Jordan released an album that shot her to the tops of the charts. Racine peaked at number two on the Billboard Album Chart and contained the hits “I Want to Believe”, “Goin’ Back Again”, “Make You a Believer, and “You Don’t Have to Remind Me”. Twenty-five years later Sass is revisiting and celebrating that album by releasing Racine Revisited, an album with updated versions of each song. The lady herself acknowledges that this is a tricky thing as something so popular made emotional connections with thousands. She says, “We wanted to be true to the original recording, but to do something we had never heard of before.” The eleven songs on the album have all been updated with the anchoring aspect being that voice of hers. Sass Jordan possesses a voice that full on brassy, raspy and bluesy. It is still strong and deep. All the songs are still in the old school rock ‘n roll with a touch of blues. Perfect to use of that voice. It will definitely inspire you to put it on and turn the volume up to the max. Listen to it front to back and you’ll realize there is not a filler to be found. Despite the success she found on the album listening to this will make you believe that she is truly underappreciated outside of her home country. Very few female rock singers can do what she does. If you are unfamiliar with her work then check Racine Revisited out; she is truly one of Canada’s jewel singers.