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We don’t usually review short films, but Morning After has won several awards at different festivals, so thought it was worth a checking out.

Sometimes when watching a short film you feel gipped. Like it all went by too quickly and you wish there was more time with the characters and story. Such is the case with Canadian director Patricia Chica’s (directed episodes of The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson and Dogs With Jobs) Morning After. It is only 15 minutes long and believe me, it flies by. There is probably enough here, even though it takes places largely over one evening, to make a feature.

Michael (Thomas Vallieres – Game of Death) is questioning his own sexuality. Is he gay? Is he bi? What is he? Does he have to figure that out? Why does he keep having feelings for men? Yet he sleeps with women. Michael is confused.

Back home he is welcomed by his friends, Teegan (Zoe De Grand Maison – from television’s Orphan Black), Alex (Joey Scarpellino – appeared in episodes of 19-2 and Lance et Compte), Dana (Jordana Lajoie – from television’s Patrice Lavoie 24/7), and Edward (Kristian Hodko – appeared in episodes of Reign), with a Welcome Back party. The evening takes a turn that pushes Michael into even further questioning himself and who he is. After some flipping and flopping, Mother Nature intervenes and shows Michael who he truly is.

In today’s world sexuality is probably more fluid overall than it has been at any time previously. Labels are being discarded. Gender identity expanded. There is less and less of the “norm” being completely dominant. Reflecting this reality Morning After, written by Kristian Hodko (first film), has a very modern feel to it. Acknowledging that there is somewhere in between the (somewhat) traditional LGBTQ lines. Everything is blurred. That there is a grey zone even in sexuality and that the old labels don’t always fit everyone. It shows that it is okay to not be sure or to change your mind. If you maintain an open mind almost anything can happen to anyone…in the bedroom.

15 minutes that goes a long way towards opening the dialogue of fluid sexuality and labels in today’s world.

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