Killing Hasselhoff

Failing to pay back a loan shark the money you owe him is no laughing matter. Yet this is the plot device that pushes forward this comedy. Killing Hasselhoff was never going to be a drama. You can tell that by the title. I mean, come on! This is one of those crazy comedies that attempts to be a laugh a minute and those laughs are of the silly, gross and slapstick variety.

Struggling Los Angeles nightclub owner Chris Kim (Ken Jeong – from television’s Dr. Ken) has his back against the wall. Money he borrowed from a loan shark (Will Sasso – from television’s MADtv) is past due and he has no way of paying it back. This is going to call for some creative thinking. He decides that the only way to obtain the money he need is to kill the celebrity he selected in his friends’ annual Celebrity Death Pool “Who Will Die This Year”. Chris’s pick is, and has always been, David Hasselhoff. Calling on his friends Fish (Rhys Darby – from television’s Flight of the Conchords) and Tommy (Jim Jefferies – from television’s The Jim Jefferies Show), this is going to be harder than it seems because it is the Hoff.

It is funny to see David Hasselhoff parody himself, but it becomes a little tired after a while. As does most of the humour. Meaning it is really low grade with precious little intelligence. Most of the time I found it hard to get into. To be fair there were some chuckles to be found though you will have to be patient.

Lesson learned that you really cannot expect much from a film made in part by WWE Studios.

Special Features:

-Deleted Scenes

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