Nu-folk Lauran Hibberd New Single – “Hunny Is This What Adults Do?”

“Adulting” takes on a new meaning with Lauran Hibberd’s new song, “Hunny Is This What Adults Do.” Lauran’s outside perspective distances herself from friends and peers who are starting families left and right, “dropping like flies.” It’s easy to compare oneself to others in our work, relationships and milestones in life. Lauran prioritizes her musical milestones including performances at Bestival 2017 and earning the support from Clash for her previous track “Eliza.”


In the style of Ingrid Michaelson and A Fine Frenzy, Lauran’s indie tune emphasizes the story of the song through her enchanting vocals. Thematically, it’s another fitting song for Lauran’s coming-of-age indie soundtrack imagined for the film, Juno, which follows the journey of teenage parents. The punctuated guitars and laid back tempo of the song feel like sleeping in on a rainy Sunday and happily spending the whole day indoors. That’s easy to do when you don’t have kids. Maybe around thirty she’ll think about doing what adults do, but until then Lauran will live by her own rules of adulthood.

Lauran says: “The track is coming of age, I think it’s the conversation everyone has to themselves one day, the question ‘am I an adult yet’? This song explores youth, and not wanting to leave it. But realising you don’t have to. It’s fun, brutally honest, and full of teenage fears.”

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