Rare is it the album that gets better and deeper with each listen. Rarer is it the artist who is capable of this over decades. Such has been the career of alt-rock demi-god Morrissey. Precious few in the industry can write lyrics as insightful and powerful as this man. Packing a punch yet poetic. He has never been easy nor has his music. Prickly in the Van Morrison type of way. But that is what makes his music so appealing. It is honest to a fault. Pushing the listener. Prodding. Never leaving you alone. He is equal parts witty, tender, truthful, disdainful of modern society and campy. On top of this, if you layer on some strong musicianship (pay particular attention to the piano playing) then you have an album worth buying. Low in High School is an album you will be enjoying for years to come. It is possibly his best work in a decade. And I don’t say that lightly. 11th solo album and he still manages to do his thing without compromising who he is. He wants us to recoginize and call out all the propoganda we are assaulted with on a daily basis. If his looking down his nose at us and general malaise wasn’t so on point we would grow tired of it. Not yet, Morrissey, not yet.