Bjork – Utopia

Bjork is a rare bird. And I am not talking about the famous swan dress she wore to the Grammys one year. A rare bird in that she is a singer/songwriter who is a true artist. She pushes the boundaries of her medium. Never settles to do what has been done before. Always searching. Making new music…new sounds…new visuals…new everything. All that she does is cutting edge. Last time out she leaned heavily upon an neo-orchestral sound. This time out on Utopia is based on samplings of birds chirping and complementary instruments like the flute and harp along with electronica. Bjork is aided in her endeavour by the progressive producers Arca and Rabit. This is an “up” body of work. Gone is the heartbreak of Vulnicura. What lies here is rather upbeat and frisky. Though there is still plenty of seriousness to be found. Found in the lyrics. Songs about divorce and using words like “patriarchy” and “toxic”. The experimentation is always there whether it is distorting her voice or making you feel like you are taking a walk in the clouds which you are listening. It is a complex landscape, but not totally inaccessible like previous works. Cerebral, but not snooty. It seems like she will never return to the more commercial pop music she did in the past. What she produces now is not for the masses. Just for those brave and open minded enough to follow along on her journey. This is a lady with a vision and will never deviate from it.

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