Tina Fey is a Hollywood sweetheart. She is funny, intelligent, good looking, but not in the too intimidating way. Ever since writing and acting on Saturday Night Live and writing and starring in a film like Mean Girls she has been beloved. But maintaining the high standards she set has been tough. Fey has been a part of dogs like The Invention of Lying, Baby Mama and Beer League. Not until she began 30 Rock in 2006 did she right the good ship Tina Fey once again. The show has won Emmys, SAGs, Peabody and Golden Globes because it is funny and smart in a weird and quirky kind of way.

The Tina Fey (God, she’s brilliant!) vehicle, “30 Rock” signalled the return of quality comedic television. It won critical acclaim and Emmys galore in its seven seasons. The show is centered around Fey’s character, but the supporting cast is also priceless.

Liz Lemon (played by Tina Fey) is a writer for the television show “The Girlie Show” and after her previous boss dies, her new strange boss (played by Alec Baldwin) insists that she hire former movie star (played by Tracy Morgan) who is more trouble than he is worth. Liz has to figure out how to keep the show functional without driving herself crazy in the process. It is chaos on the show and off. All this added up means hilarious television for the viewer.

This show is da bomb! It might take you a while or a couple of episodes to get into the rhythm of its quirky humour style but once you do you will be hooked.

Special Features:

-Deleted Scenes

-Behind the Scenes


  • “Tracy Does Conan”: Tracy Morgan
  • “Black Tie”: Tina Fey
  • “Hard Ball”: Lorne and Henry Michaels
  • “Fireworks”: Jack McBrayer
  • “Hiatus”: Alec Baldwin


-Alternative Footage

-Evening With Kenneth

-The Wrap Party

-Makin’ It Happen