Die a Happy Death with The Killers

Being an alternative rock band from Las Vegas cannot be easy. The U.S. is not known for its alternative rock bands. Along those lines I have always thought (mistakenly) that they were British. This belief was backed up by the fact that they are heavily influenced by music from the 80s (a favourite source of Brit bands). In my defence they are hugely popular in the U.K. They have won several BRIT Awards and headlined the massive Glastonbury Festival.

The four members of The Killers, Brandon Flowers (vocals/keyboards), Dave Keuning (guitar), Mark Stoermer (bass), and Ronnie Vannucci Jr. (drums), got together in 2002. Ever since the release of their debut album, Hot Fuss, in 2004 they have achieved commercial success.

As they began playing small gigs at drag shows it makes sense that their live shows tend to be very visual and dramatic. Frontman Brandon Flowers is a drama king, which has got him into several publicized battles with bands like Fall Out Boy, Panic at the Disco and The Bravery.

After taking a couple of years off The Killers are back with their fifth album Wonderful Wonderful. Several members did their own thing during the time off and it seems to have worked as they have come back better than ever.  Lead singer Brandon Flowers sings the bejesus out of it whenever he can. The boy has been blessed with a majestic voice. All this rock ‘n roll stuff makes the smatterings of electronica all that more interesting.  The band from Las Vegas is back and in fine form.

Additional Information:

-Date: January 6, 2018

-Venue:  Place Bell

-Website:  www.thekillersmusic.com

-Ticket Purchase:  www.ticketmaster.ca

-Ticket Prices:  $45.75, $92.50, $109.25 (plus handling charges)

-Show Time:  8:00 p.m.

-Opening Act:  Alex Cameron

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