Dramas set in hospitals have been done en masse¬† on television. From ER, House, Grey’s Anatomy to St. Elsewhere, Chicago Hope and The Good Doctor – they all have enraptured television viewers with a combo of medicine to personal drama. As part of the ever growing Dick Wolfe (Law & Order) city of Chicago¬† stable an addition to that roster is Chicago Med.

The doctors, nurses and administration of Chicago’s busiest trauma setting work together to save lives. Patients come fast and furious in the Windy City keeping the medical staff busy. Like most medical dramas this show uses a mixture of what is going on in the personal lives of the health care professionals (and there is plenty, of course) along with tension filled medical cases. You get mysterious illnesses and tricky injuries alongside romantic issues, personal problems and legal problems.

Over the course of the 23 episodes you will appreciate the acting, directing and storylines. Rather a pleasant surprise for me. You would think that we certainly don’t need another medical drama and that the possibilities for stories must be wearing thin in the genre. Yes, there is some predictability involved here but enough meat to the stories that it keeps you watching. It has shown no hesitancy to get involved in some touchy issues. Manages to entertain at the same time as shedding some light on what can happen in hospital ERs.