Conor McGregor: Notorious

Mixed martial arts has become the crown jewel of the fight world with its biggest star being Irishman Conor McGregor. This Gavin Fitzgerald (The Fighting Irish) directed documentary goes up close and in depth into the life of McGregor from his early days as a struggling fighter to the MMA fighter who went up against the greatest boxer of this era, Floyd Mayweather. We follow the never boring man around for four years discovering who he is and what has made him so good.

Born in Dublin, raised by a single mother, Conor McGregor began boxing at the age of 12. As he got older he stuck with the sport even as others told him he would never make it. Being a fighter was all he ever wanted to be. McGregor stopped working as a plumber’s apprentice to train and fight full time. This meant he would go on benefits forcing the young man and his girlfriend, Dee Devlin, to live with his mother, Margaret.

Never deviating from his plan, McGregor started his career as a professional fighter in 2008. In a short period he became one of the fastest rising stars in Dana White’s MMA stable. This meteoric rise was spurned on by his legion of vocal and loyal Irish fight fans and his popularity due to his big personality and even bigger swagger. It culminated in his shocking 13 second win over biggest rival Nate Diaz to claim the UFC lightweight championship belt. This meant worldwide fame and huge purses.

McGregor became such a big star that he was, after a few years of badgering, able to secure a fight and 9-figure pay with boxing world champ, Floyd Mayweather. The fight took place in Las Vegas and was huge. Even non-fight fans paid attention to it. McGregor is not just a fight or sports figure but a world wide celebrity.

Access here is large and wide. We get to know the man as a person and fighter. His story is built through interviews with those closest to him, fight and training footage and just following him around as he goes about his life. While watching this you will get a very clear picture about how passionate he is about fighting, just how fearless he is and that a big part of his celebrity is built upon that magnetic personality. McGregor never rests. Either he is training or working on the “business” side by making sure he is in the news with what he does or says.

If you are a big fan of the man then I don’t think you will learn anything new about him. There are no real revelations here, but it will keep you watching as such is the power of the man. He knows how to keep all eyes on him and people interested.

Fitzgerald has constructed the film like your typical sports underdog flick. Nothing fancy and rather straightforward. He has made this for his fans. Something they will appreciate.

Special Features:

-Deleted Scenes

-The Fighting Irish