Being somewhat of a professional liar, Kevin Shepard (played by Ricky Garcia) has gotten through life and school not really doing much. What I mean by that is that at school he gets his papers from the Internet and books off phys. ed. class by coming up with some elaborate disease which he peddles to the teacher. His lying knows no limits. He lies to his teachers as well as his father (played by Paul McGillion). The only person he does not lie to is his best friend Becca (played by Jodelle Ferland).

Despite the amount of practice he gets at the skill of lying, it eventually catches up to him. His Social Studies teacher (played by Karen Holness) discovers that his paper on technology has been downloaded from the Internet and gives him one night to write one himself to hand it in the next morning by 9 a.m. sharp. If he fails to do this, Kevin will spend his summer going to summer school. Putting his nose to the grindstone, after coming up with the idea of writing about a video game idea he has, Kevin writes the paper.

Falling asleep at his desk in his room, Kevin awakes with a start the next morning with precious little time to get his paper in on time. So he hops on his bike (as his father has banned him from using the Internet and his car) and starts pedaling madly. Coming along the road at the same time as Kevin is a limo containing video game executive Larry Wolf (played by Barry Bostwick). The limo driver, not seeing Kevin, hits his bicycle damaging it so it cannot be driven. Kevin is desperate to get to school for 9 a.m. while the quite rude Wolf is trying to get to the airport. Using his skills of exaggeration, Kevin wrangles a lift from Wolf. While driving him to school Wolf discovers that the teenager has an idea for a video game called Bigger Fatter Liar.

One thing leads to another and Wolf has stolen the paper, Kevin tries to explain this to Miss Walker, of course, because of his lying history does not believe him and so Kevin is going to summer school. Kevin’s father leaves shortly after very disappointed with him on a business trip. Using the credit car his father left in case of emergency, Kevin and Becca fly to San Francisco with him determined to get his video game back from Wolf in order to prove to his father he is not lying.

A remake of Big Fat Liar starring Frankie Muniz and Amanda Bynes, Bigger Fatter Liar is kind of what you go in expecting. Meaning the production values are quite low and the acting is rather amateurish. That being said in the right circumstances it can be a rather enjoyable diversion for younger people. Watch it for free on Netflix if you have run out of things to play to keep the kids quiet for 90-odd minutes.

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  • The Making of Bigger Fatter Liar
  • Bigger Fatter Liar: The Players