Ensemble drama is a tricky thing. Hard if you have a lot of characters to give them enough screen time each so that viewers get invested in everyone. Like many of the Dick Wolf Law & Order or other Chicago based shows this is done well here. All the characters, though each quite different from the other, are likable and have their own stories. There is a nice mixture of “characters” or personalities. There are the firehouse stories as well as the personal ones. On top of that they all work well together as an ensemble.

The stories here are rather complex and stay away from the mundane or routine. It is not all things we have seen before. It keeps you interested and the fans tuning in for five seasons (so far). Being a firefighter is an interesting and dangerous profession. One that most people really respect and are curious about. We want to see how different humans cope with the danger and pressure of the job as well as juggle a personal life. This series gives you an insight into that.

Being totally honest, there are some soap opera moments. Some overly dramatic story lines or over the top dialogue. But not enough that they overwhelm the series. Just sometimes the drama gets out of hand with the marriages, divorces and bone marrow transplants taking over the stories for a period.

This season the Dawson (played by Monica Raymund) and Casey (played by Jesse Spencer) relationship comes under pressure from the fact that Dawson is fostering a young boy whether he is on board or not. Casey is also having some difficulty juggling his job as a firefighter and his new duties as an Alderman. As is typical, Severide’s (played by Taylor Kinney) love life is complex – first involving Kidd (played by Miranda Rae Mayo) and then a sick woman (played by Charlotte Sullivan) needing a bone marrow transplant. Chief Boden (played by Eammon Walker) having to deal with the secret his son has been carrying around, which gets him in trouble in his job. This has repercussion for all members of Firehouse 51 when Chief Anderson (played by Michael Hanrahan) reassigns several members to other houses. Brett (played by Kara Kilmer) begins dating Antonio (played by Jon Seda). All this on top of huge fires, car accidents, deadly gas leaks, an arson case, being held hostage by gang members, and dealing with death on the job.

Special Features:

-Crossover Episodes – Chicago P.D. and Chicago Justice