High Strung

Dance films…sigh…all of them focus on the dance and don’t spend an iota of time on story or casting. High Strung is certainly not the worst of the dance films I have seen, but it certainly isn’t a good film.

Michael Damian? That Michael Damian? The one who was on The Young and Restless for 18 seasons? Now he is a director/screenwriter? Interesting.

Being a great dancer in the Midwest is a different story altogether from being one at a competitive arts school in New York City. Ruby (played by Keenan Kampa) has earned a full scholarship to Manhattan Conservatory of the Arts and is being put through her paces by teachers like Kramrovsky (played by Paul Freeman) and especially Oksana (played by Jane Seymour). Luckily she has the support of fellow dancer and roommate Jazzy (played by Sonoya Mizuno) and a subway violinist named Johnnie (played by Nicholas Talitzine).

Ruby and Johnnie, who needs the money and the student visa, decide to team up for a competition involving strings and dance.

Dancing, a combination of hip hop with ballet, is fun. Music is decent. Acting is horrible and story is silly.

And would you believe there is going to be a High Strung: Free Dance? Yup!

Special Features:

-Previews for 6 Years, A Standup Guy, No Men Beyond This Point

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