The X-Files: The Complete Seventh Season

This deep into a series’ life usually the creativity well has run dry and everyone is looking forward to the end. Such is not the case (yet) with Chris Carter’s The X-Files. Though the two leads had begun to build careers outside of the series they still excelled here. Plus there are a couple of episodes in which were written and/or directed by David Duchovny or Gillian Anderson. Interesting to see their talents in those respects come through. Though the storylines are not as strong as the earlier seasons they still managed to get out some brilliant episodes in between some good ones. This is horror/sci fi at its television best.

In regards to the ongoing conspiracy story that has run throughout the series some threads are wrapped up. One being the disappearance of Mulder’s (played by David Duchovny) sister. For the most part though the conspiracy part of The X-Files was not really dealt with in season seven. What you will get is a few odd characters within the stand alone episodes, some of the typical show dark humour, drama, horror, and sci fi.

A simple story of two FBI agents working on odd cases that no one else is interested in from basement offices. Who knew that could be so interesting?! Interesting because of the strong writing and direction along with the great chemistry between the two leads. Dealing with the unexplained and unknown phenomena really was made to be gripping. Then when you add in the whole alien component you get a great show.

Especially odd was the ending of the season. You can tell while watching it that they really weren’t sure they were coming back for season eight (though they do). With how it ended season eight goes off in a rather different direction. A direction in which David Duchovny is not really a part of in that this is his last full time season.


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