In today’s day and age parents are making the effort to look for more positive role models for their young daughters. Meaning that they don’t only want them exposed at a young age to traditional princess characters. Disney is great and all, but there is more to the world than girls waiting around to be saved by a man/prince. Nella the Princess Knight, which was created by Christine Ricci (no not the actress Christina Ricci) who has worked on other animated series like Blaze and the Monster Machines and Team Umizoomi, is a great combo of a traditional role model with something very strong. The way Nella is presented is rather painless or seamless so young girls (series is mainly targeted to preschool age girls) can accept her right away. If you are a parent looking for something different for your daughter then check this out.

Nella (voiced by Akira Golz) is a princess, yes, but she is also a fierce knight. In real shining armor. Each episode begins with her doing what would be thought of as a traditional royal thing and then poof…she is running around doing knight stuff. Usually that happens because an problem or issue comes up and it is up to Nella and her friends to solve it.

Great messages for young people crop up in large numbers in this series. For me the strongest is that you cannot judge a book by its cover. Or that people should not be put into boxes in regards to behaviour because of how they look. If you believe in something you have a chance to achieve it. The importance of friendship and respect for others are other popular themes.

Though it is mainly aimed at young girls, young boys also can enjoy it and should be exposed to this kind of female role model. There is even a cool male character, Sir Garrett (voiced by Micah Gursoy), to equal out the gender scale.

The stories are all filled with a variety of stuff like humour, adventure and magic. It also pays heed to the fact that its audience is young and so it plays well to little folks with their short attention spans.