This is not a film that gives you the story of Bruce Lee. Bruce Lee is probably the biggest name in martial arts. As a result people/fans want to know all about him. If that is the case with you then turn to Dragon: The Bruce Lee Story. This is based on an actual event but really is about the fight between Bruce Lee and Wong Jack Man happened in 1960s in San Francisco.

Living in San Francisco in the 60s is a young man named Bruce Lee (played by Phillip Ng). He is teaching others how to fight while trying to earn his own share of the martial arts spotlight. He is trying to bring that fighting style to the United States. An opportunity appears when Shaolin monk Wong Jack Man (played by Xia Yu) travels by ship to San Francisco to see how kung fu is being taught in the U.S. Realizing he could earn plenty of notoriety and money through a fight with this well-known kung fu master, Bruce challenges, in front of an audience, Wong Jack Man to a fight.

Though the story, actor portraying Bruce Lee and director George Nolfi try to give you an insight into what the man was really like, if you are any kind of fan then there will be nothing new unveiled in Birth of the Dragon and maybe some aspects that will drive you nuts. to be completely honest the Bruce Lee depicted here is not exactly likable. He is full of himself, to say the least. Obviously a lot in these types of films is exaggerated for dramatic purposes. Bottom line, though, Bruce Lee is not even in the film all that much. The secondary characters like the two involved in the love story have more screen time.

Anyone who is watching this film should be primarily doing it for the fight scenes. They are fast paced and have some slow motion camera stuff.

Special Features:

-Birth of the Dragon: Behind the Scenes

-Digital Copy